The Killer Combination of Facebook, Twitter and Email Our social media management services company has the driving force to increase the purchasing power of your customers through email marketing by giving you suggestions and using the social media of Facebook and Twitter.  Soon we will be adding a many other service as well.  Using this killer combination of social media can increase trust with your customers.  Instead of doing it yourself or hiring someone else to do it for you, have our social media management services company do it for you.  It will save you time, headaches and money....
Social Media Management Services Our social media management services manages your day to day contact with your customers via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media avenues.  Our prices are one of the cheapest you can find anywhere, while our relationship with you will be valued for a lifetime.  Our goal is to make your connection with your past,current and future customers grow into a social relationship while increasing your profits.   Our social media management company does all the work for you.  If you use our services, we will also consult with you on how to increase you...
Email Marketing for Social Media Email marketing is key to success of any online and brick and mortar business. It is a very cheap way to keep your customers connected while increasing your profits.  Our social media management services company not only uses Facebook and Twitter to help your business grow, we can also give you guidance on email marketing to help keep your current and future customers informed.  It is the ultimate combination.  Instead of hiring an employee or employees to setup an email marketing campaign, we can help do it for a fee.  The social media services for email ...
Social Media Management Services for Twitter Twitter is a social media marketer's dream.  People love to know what is going on with other people and even your company!  There are a few companies that are using it as their only way of advertising because it works.  Our job is help you establish a follower base on Twitter so past,current and future customers can develop a relationship with your company.  Using our Twitter management service and our other social media management services, you can save money while hopefully stop using outdated advertising methods.  To find out more about our...
Social Media Marketing via Facebook Our social media management team can develop a solution for your company to help drive socialization and keep a healthy customer relationship.  Social media marketing is possibly cheaper and is the new driving force in advertising.  Our job is to help you achieve a larger customer base as well as keep your current customers happy....

Social Media Management Services

We can help with your social media marketing via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites. We will give you affordable prices with a customized package.

What is Social Media?

Social Media Management

You have heard of social media but how does it relate to business?  Social media for businesses is creating content that gets your customers interacting with your brand on Web 2.0 sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  The interactions can be factual information, future promotions to getting feedback from products.  The ideas are endless. Most importantly, social media will brand your name by engaging and developing trust with past, present and future customers.

You can put your trust in us.
We work with fortune 500 companies
Mom and Pop shops
and have clients from every continent besides Antarctica! 

The Problem

Companies can spend a lot of money on their advertising and getting their brand name in front of people.  It could be through snail mail, TV ads, pay per click, SEO or even the radio.  These can be a great way to advertise and we recommend companies not give up on these methods. We believe there should be a holistic approach.  The question is how do you keep in communication with your customers while gaining new customers?

There is an answer. It is called social media.

Even with expensive marketing, there is never a follow up to your customers.  There is no way to stay socially connected until now!

Examples of Problems That We Have Solved

Example 1

A chiropractic company has well over 2,500 patients which includes past clients.  Their only way of staying connected was through snail mail and some advertising in their local paper.  Every quarter they sent out mailings to their current customers which costs almost $1,000.  During each of these quarters, they also spent a few hundred on their media advertising.  Their total return on investment was very small.  They wanted a better way to stay connected and increase their patients and profits .

Example 2

A local restaurant, which is very successful and has a good customer base, sends out coupons to the local area on a weekly basis.   This has been successful for getting customers, but their profit margin has not been high enough.  They also wanted a better way to market their company and possibly save some trees since they care about the environment.

Example 3

A large restaurant chain always has new food and drink items on their menus and daily specials for lunch and dinner.  They wanted to get their messages out to people so they can get more customers  to visit.  Weekly snail mail is expensive and people do not visit their website everyday to see these specials (until now!  They actually get specials right when they walk into the door!)

Example 4

A small franchised meat company is well known in their communities. They currently do traditional marketing methods and are very successful. The company also does a lot of fund raising for groups in their communities.  They wanted to help the people they fund raise for as well as increase their profits in a cheaper and more reliable way.

The Social Media Solution

Traditional marketing still holds value and you should keep it if it is working.  We also tell companies they need to have a search engine optimization plan with buying keywords if they are not already doing it (We can also help with that).  The social media solution is to stay connected  to past, present and future companies while branding your name on a daily basis.

Our company has been connecting businesses to consumers for over two years via the social media platforms while being around the online world since 1999.  Our experience tells us that social media is here to stay especially with Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  You can use these to your benefit to get your name in front of your customers while keeping them happily engaged.

What can a Social Media Management Company do for My Business?

There are a lot of ways we can help your company.  We can be a branding powerhouse.  We can help maintain and increase your customer base while possibly and hopefully increasing your profits.  There are not very many services a reputable social media management company cannot provide, as services can include managing your company’s presence on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, blog creation and Google+.

Who is Social Media Management For?

You may be asking if social media is for you.  Since we are honest, it is not for everyone.  Many types of companies are using social media such as bands, large scale jewelry companies, social media, restaurants, small businesses and very large fortune 500 companies.  Social media can also be for new product launches as well as getting news out to your consumers.  Overall, we believe we can make social media a beneficial tool you can use within a budget you can afford.

Let us be your Social Media Manager

We can put the social media world right on your lap while we do the work.  T4 Social Media can help you make a presence on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.  We can also provide other services as well such as small business apps, web design, email marketing as well as search engine optimization.  Our goal with social media is for you to have a positive voice in front of a growing targeted crowd while you build relationships.

What our Social Media Management will do for your

Social  Media Consulting

Our job is to get to know your company inside and out.  We need to know A LOT about your company such as its future goals & what you desire with our social media services.  We promise to listen, learn and give our own ideas.  We will then create a plan to help with your social media growth and give you ideas on how you can help.

Facebook Social Media Management & Marketing

There is a lot we can do as your Facebook manager.

We can…

  • Setup your Facebook Business Page (including information and design).  Free Facebook landing page and Timeline Photo!
  • Write 1 to4 mostly interactive Facebook posts a day, up to 7 days a week.  We do not encourage more than this
  • Targeted links to your website
  • Possible contest creations
  • Possible replies to your customers.
  • Facebook Business Page ad creation and implementation for Facebook Marketing (Growth of targeted demographics)
  • Each company will get free Facebook ad spend per month!
  • Possible monthly detailed reports

Overall, it is Facebook management and Facebook Marketing at its best

Twitter Social Media Management & Marketing

If you hire us as your Twitter manager….

We can…

  • Help develop a Twitter plan
  • Creation of a Twitter account with a Twitter background
  • Possibly follow targeted people.
  • Create tweets up to 7 days a week
  • Links pointing towards your website
  • Message “@” targeted people
  • Possible weekly reports

We will be a great Twitter management and Twitter marketing company.

Linkedin Social Media Management and Marketing

Creating a LinkedIn profile establishes who you are in your business expertise.  It also allows you to network with people you have done work with.  It gives people trust seeing your past experiences.   LinkedIn can possibly connect you with people looking for your services.

As your Linkedin social media manager and marketer we can

  • Create profiles for your business and personal page
  • Possibility of creating groups
  • Creation of both informed posts as well business related posts
  • Business Profile updates
  • Possibility of starting discussions in targeted groups
  • Create LinkedIn advertisements
  • Fit your company’s needs.

Our goal is to be the best Linkedin management company.

Email Marketing Management, Yelp, Foursquare, YouTube and our Other Service

Email can be a powerful tool with social media.  We do encourage companies to do this as it is another way to stay connected with customers. Social media and emailing clients can be a powerful combination.   There are also other social media sites besides Facebook and Twitter.  YouTube, Foursquare, Yelp and other social media sites can really get your name out there.

Studies show that not all people are using social media so email can be the next best thing.  You are still staying connected with your consumers.

For email marketing we can…

  • Consult to develop the master plan
  • Develop one email per week (more around special occasions)
  • Send out the email to your mailing list
  • Consult on how you can increase your mailing list

We are now offering Yelp, Foursquare, YouTube and even more types of social media services to keep up with the growing demand of our customers.  Inquire within.

Price & Billing

Please see our social media management packages for estimated pricing and options.  One added benefit of working with us is we are not a one size fits all company.  We know each company is unique so everyone needs something different.  We will provide you an estimate to help you get thinking of what we can do for you.  The starting price for these services starts around$300 per month depending upon your needs.    We do need to charge more for larger businesses as it does require more time being social with your fans and followers and reading their messages.

An invoice will be given to you via email to be paid through PayPal or email if paying by check.    PayPal will be an automatic monthly payment and you can cancel any time.

Let Us Start Your Social Media Campaign Today!

Using our service you will have a trusted company on your side.  We manage companies from all over the world while being trusted by Fortune 500 companies.  Our services can provide you with targeted people that can actually help brand your product with our social media marketing solutions.  Our hopes are that we can be the social media management company you can refer to other people who need services.  Please give us a call or use our contact form with any questions you may have while you follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.  Are you ready to go social?

Social Media Services Management Price
for Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin

Prices start at $300 (contact us for our new special pricing) depending on the size of your customer base and your area.

Give us a call or email with questions.  You will need to do the same if you want to get started.
We will give you a price quote within 24 hours!

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Our social media marketing agency will be glad to help you out.  Our company is honest and ethical.

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